Knit 9 began at the end of 2018. As a response to people asking where I had bought the snoods I made for Lois. The bandanas quickly followed and we opened the website in Spring 2019. 

 I have always tried to do things a little differently and spend many hours working on designs. The knitting design involves sourcing suitable yarn, sketching, doing a lot of maths and knitting endless swatches - particularly where colour work is involved. Our Twist Collars were an idea I had for a plaited knitted design, early in 2019. I use traditional cording and Intarsia colour-work techniques and they are knit on a total of 5 needles.

 On the fabric side, the Knit 9 Reversible Bows came about as I wanted to create a bow that you could change as you do with the reversible bandanas and that fit over the collar, while still being reversible. The design took many hours of ‘engineering’ but it always makes me proud to see them being worn – on both sides!

At present, it is just me making and carrying out all other aspects of the business, so time for designing has had to take a bit of a back seat. I have had a small Etsy shop since 2013, selling my knitting patterns and notions and I would love to add to that in the future. I also have a huge number of projects pending, not least a knitted range for Knit 9 using lots of integrated colour. I’ might also introduce some embroidery too... But for now, my time is focused on sewing and knitting all your lovely items.

We aim to use ethically sourced and eco friendly packaging and materials - cutting the use of plastic as much as possible. For example, we now only use metal clasps for all our collars and have replaced sellotape with eco Washi Tape. 

Thanks for reading and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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