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Soft Cotton Rope Leads

"like velvet in your hands"

SPECIAL OFFER! Get one for £14.95 (usually £23) or two for £27!

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What our customers say

By far the best Rope Leads I have ever owned, they feel just like velvet in your hands!

Lucy, Durham

Not only are the designs, product range and sizings on offer of amazing aesthetic appeal, the brand itself is one true to its service! ...The craft, quality and design speak nothing but beauty!

Ali, Bradford

Thank you SO much for making this perfect set. It is every bit as perfect as I hoped.

Jennie, Denmark

I can't believe how well the harness fits and the quality is amazing. Thank you!

Isabella, Marbella

I can't love it more! Good quality and very cute pattern!!

Wenjing He, London
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