At one time I very much classed myself as a 'cat person'- Our two, part Turkish Vans (Maurice & Doris) have kept us very busy over the years and are definitely our most reluctant models!
My love of dogs began in 2011 when, after months of research, we chose our first beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Elsie. She was the most gentle and sweet soul, tiny and truly special. 
Lois came home in November 2018 and turned our world upside down - seemingly literally at times! She is an exceptional ball of energy and wit and quickly grew into the most stunning puppy. I posted a few puppy pictures of her on my own social media pages and the response was enormous. Keen to avoid spamming my feeds with endless dog posts, I decided to set up her own account, and @loisthecavalier took off from there and we are so grateful for all the wonderful friends we have made in the Insta Cavalier community
Lois has mellowed (slightly) over the last 6 months, however people are always surprised when they meet her, to find she is not quite as angelic as she looks in photos!
In December 2019 we added to our family, in the form of a Labradoodle named Marjorie. Marjorie is a really lovely dog, loyal and respectful and always smiling. She is also very loud and has the trademark Doodle boundless energy. Lois and Marjorie mostly get along very well and certainly keep us entertained.