As a life long knitter and crafter, taught to knit by my Grandma at the age of 3, I have always been surrounded by yarn and fabric. My Mum was an exceptional dressmaker and I have many memories of her working for hours on sewing projects for friends, family and charity fundraisers, on her 60s Singer.

This love of craft has stayed with me throughout the years, always a constant hobby and sometime profession – I worked for yarn company Rowan for a while and went on to own a bricks and mortar yarn store, which I ran for three years.

My other great passion is theatre, I have a BA Hons degree in Drama and Film and worked in sales, marketing and development, in numerous arts organisations including Richmond Theatre, Milton Keynes Theatre and The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton, for over 25 years. I still enjoy being involved with theatre and tread the boards and direct locally, from time to time.

At the end of 2019, I made the decision to leave my ‘day’ job and focus solely on Knit 9 and now work full time designing, making, photographing, packing, ordering, sourcing materials, ordering, admin… It’s fair to say I am very much a one woman band! I always strive to do things a little differently and to bring you the exceptional detail and quality that your cats and dogs deserve - You can find out more about our designs and process via the link below.

Thanks so much for dropping by, I hope you like our website.